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Many visitors to this website have wondered "who is Bell's Aviation?"
Even some of our good customers may not know who really runs this great website.
Finally, this page will answer all your questions about the owner.

The Bell's Aviation website was started to create a source of flight gear for collectors worldwide. Since its inception the website has reached collectors and aviation enthusiasts from around the globe. The owner enjoys sharing information and offering help and advice to all interested individuals. Over the years he has provided valuable information, photographs, and flight gear to aviation museums, private collectors, display organizations, students, magazine publications, the movie and TV industry, authors, and artists, just to name a few.

The founder of Bell's Aviation, GM Bell, started collecting aviation items at a young age. His first item was a leather USN flight helmet. Since then, he has continued collecting focusing on clothing, headgear, and personal equipment from World War II and earlier. Recently he has expanded his collection to include the early Jet Age and more recent eras of aviation. The goal for the collection is to obtain at least one of each type of item worn/used in flight by US aviation personel.

GM plans to continue operating the Bell's Aviation website and adding to his collection for years to come. In the future, he would like to have a museum dedicated to aviation flight clothing and equipment where his entire collection could be displayed to the general public. Until that time, GM will continue collecting and creating educational exhibits for display at shows across the country. In addition to a museum, GM also hopes to own, preserve, and fly various original warbird aircraft. Any assistance or suggestions to help realize these goals are always welcomed.

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